The beginning of a new school year can be daunting and hectic for incoming college freshmen. 
So what if Sharpie launched a whole campaign to help them out?

Tips for College Freshmen is a fun campaign that focuses on guiding students to be as successful 
and prepared as they can be for this new journey they are about to embark upon!

These will be placed in specific locations around campuses. 
For example, "Who Has the Best Coffee" will be placed in town, near cafes and restaurants. 
"When Is My History Test" will be placed near a library or by the building where History classes are held, and so on.
Free Coffee & Survival Tips!

Sharpie launches an interactive pop-up cafe in partnership with Post-It on select campuses to further promote this campaign.
Students, professors, visitors, ect. will come up to the cafe and receive a free cup of coffee (or any beverage) if they write
a helpful piece of advice for college freshmen on a Post-It note and stick it on the wall of the cafe!

Students are encouraged to share their favorite Post-It notes on instagram and use the hashtag, #TipsForFreshmen

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